Image Processing

Teach machines to understand your images and act accordingly. This is also known as computer vision.

  • Object Detection - is this item in the image
  • Object Recognition - what is in the image
  • Image Sentiment - how do people feel about the image
  • Image Solutions - creating images to best support the company's objectives

Natural Language Processing

Teach machines to understand human language and act accordingly.

  • Text/ Document Classification - go through multiple dense documents then classify by text
  • Automatic Text Summarization- highlight and summarize key points in documents
  • Sentiment Analysis - identify sentiment of text is negative, neutral or positive
  • Chat Bots - respond to incoming text in real time

Sit down with our experts to discover how accessible machine learning can be. Our team will work with you to design and bring to life powerful, automated machine learning solutions for your business. We offer a full range of consulting services, from planning and technical advice right through to complete implementations that get you results.

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