Custom Chat-bot Engines

Conversation is the new frontier in terms of user-interaction with systems. Machine learning technology is enabling a new ‘Star-Trek’ like future where conversation is one of the most important ways that people interact with computers. Electric Brain’s deep experience in natural language processing allows us to train bots which integrate with complex back-end systems in a natural and organic way.

Structuring Raw-textual Data

These days we have access to vast amounts of unstructured textual data. But in order for it to be useful, we often need to extract it into a structured form for insertion into a database. Electric Brain’s team has years of experience developing technology to extract details from unstructured data.

Text Analysis and Classification

Some of the most practical usages of natural language processing is simply to analyze and classify documents according to some custom user-defined dimension. This includes such classic use cases as determining whether something is spam vs not spam through to sentiment analysis and even predictive modeling based on text.