When your tech shop is looking to break into the AI industry, there are often several barriers to cross. One of the biggest barriers is simply teaching Sales & Business Development professionals what it is they are selling. We offer a simple workshop, How to Sell Custom AI Solutions, which offers training to sales staff on what they need to know in order to sell in the AI industry.

Our presentation includes:

  1. Use cases of AI technology in different industries
  2. How to prospect for clients, who to prospect to, and what to say
  3. What questions to ask clients about their projects
  4. What does a typical AI project look like
  5. What is an annotator
  6. How to assess feasibility and make off-the-cough estimates of price
  7. Common sales objections

We then do an interactive portion meant to get everyone involved. The interactive portion includes:

  • Going through various companies and hypothesizing different AI solutions to pitch to those companies
  • Who to reach out to in order to pitch those solutions at those companies
  • Writing prospecting emails – examples
  • Creating rough project plans and pricing for various example AI projects

Private Workshop

  • Private 3-4 hour workshop. Goes more in-depth and includes specific project examples.

Private Presentation

  • Private 1 hour presentation. Great for lunch & learns.


  • Free version for public events!