Why join Electric Brain?

Are you tired of doing the same old work, day in day out? The reason to join Electric Brain can be summed up in one word: variety. We are a small team, and we got a lot of different projects. Want to learn machine learning? Want to get into full-stack web development? Want to try your hand integrating voice commands into a mobile app? Or maybe you want to meet clients, bringing in the big business and making valuable career connections? You’ll be doing all of it here.

Become a generalist

In the tech industry, you can pursue two different paths. In the first path, you become a specialist in a highly specific area. Maybe you become a specialist on machine learning just for fraud detection, or maybe you do nothing but iOS development. This path is lucrative but puts you at the mercy of trends beyond your control. Skills you spend a decade developing can go from high-demand to washed out in just a couple of years. At Electric Brain, entirely by necessity, you will become a generalist. You will do some sales, you will do some mobile, some web, and a lot of machine learning.

Big freedoms, bigger responsibilities

At Electric Brain, you will be put in charge of important projects from your very first day of work. Whether your researching and implementing an end-to-end deep-learning stack, or taking the reigns of a 6-figure sale, at Electric Brain you should not expect any red tape to be holding you back. We give every team member from top to bottom a zero-approval budget. We give every team member important projects to take the lead on. And we give every team member the freedom and space to grow. We believe in learning by doing and if thats your style, theres lots for you to do here.

Do cool shit

At Electric Brain, we like to work on cool projects. Our founder, Bradley Arsenault, started Electric Brain because he wanted be part of the AI revolution and not just an observer. Working here is not easy – you will be given big responsibilities from day one, and our trial-by-fire approach is not for everyone. But if you have the hunger to learn, and you want to do cool shit too, you belong here with us.