AI Research and Validation

We can enable you to discuss the challenges your clients and prospects are facing and how artificial intelligence can provide solutions for automation. Electric Brain’s designed to give you tools to build proof-of-concept AI solutions demonstrating that idea.

If you are a business and want to speak to us directly about your goals and challenges let’s talk. Depending on the scale and scope of your needs we will guide you to Partners or work directly with your AI team to get set up with our tools.  We love to help you discover actionable answers … contact us today.


Natural Language Processing

Electric Brain provides the ability to develop innovative natural language processing solutions for your Clients’ business or you own company. If there are business process that you would like to automate involving natural language data, come check us out!


Computer Vision

Our leading AI software platform can be used to develop innovative computer vision solutions such as systems which classify and analyze images or video streams. Get in touch today to learn more.