Are you looking to understand how artificial intelligence applies to your industry? Then this presentation is for you! We create different versions of this presentation for different industries. During the presentation, we give a very brief overview of artificial intelligence technology. Then we go into specific use-cases of AI within your industry – usually 5 use-cases are presented along with startups which are active in those spaces. We describe how the technology limits come into play and how to approach evaluating novel AI ideas for their feasibility.

Our presentation includes:

  1. General, non-technical description of artificial intelligence technology
  2. Major use-cases of AI technology within your industry
  3. Predictions on which jobs will be automated first, which jobs will take longer and which jobs are unlikely to ever be automated, even if it was possible
  4. Tech startups which are active in each of the use-cases, with a focus on local startups (you must provide us a location first!)
  5. Speculation on use-cases for which there are no active startups but where the technology is ready today


Private Presentation

  • Private 1/2 hour to 1 hour presentation for your team. Great for lunch & learns.


  • Free version for public events!